Advitiya solutions provides a wide range of software products covering almost every walk of human life The coverage extends from the education to finance, telecom to business process automation. It is constantly harnessing new technologies for the benefit of every segment of society.

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Short Messaging System

Hospital Management System (Mpulse)

Inventory management System

Education Management System







Short Messaging Service

The effectiveness of using SMS as a communication medium is higher than most other contemporary media as both senders and recipients find it easy to compose, send, read and reply to short messages individually and in a group. Once users have familiarized themselves with reading and sending short messages in a group, they discover that SMS is a fantastic and useful way of exchanging information and
keeping in touch with their business partners and clients for the purpose of consulting and even for dynamic business need assessment. This capability is
particularly enhanced when the recipient is also able to reply to messages automatically, making it a very effective and lucrative, two-way communication mechanism.

Hospital Managemnt System (Mpulse)

Hospitals have been providing critical and primary healthcare services in different part of the world since time immemorial. Today every hospital for survival has to focus on increasing staff productivity, streamlining administrative processes, and cost saving. In other words, the time has come to web-enable multiple hospital operations to make them easily accessible through a web browser. Utilizing the latest centralized database techniques for reliable access to information, the web-to-host solution version of this software is poised to provide the promised increase in staff productivity and cost savings.

Inventory Management System:

The inventory management system keeps track of and maintains inventory levels for every specific member of the product portfolio. Complete information is available about the volume/value of inventory, committed amounts and also flow patterns for the work in process. The IMS handles multiple warehousing
activities like sale & purchase for every product SKU. Information on every SKU
can be located and retrieved based on the product specifications in a
format which is both user friendly and immediately applicable.

Education Management System

This is an integrated software suite for the administration of educational Institutes. It enables you to organize your admission processes, detailed student information, produce statistics, analytical reports and much more. This suite is meant to cater the day to day activities taking place in a school. This software
not only keeps track of student academics but also manages other
administrative activities like admissions, library management & inventory control.