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We have entered into the age of globalization. Customer demand exists everywhere from a small kiosk to giant Corporate House. Amongst all the sectors, managing resources is following and will pave a path for faster growth. Infect Export-Import is becoming the most favored word with corporate as it took over from traditional business practices to the faster economy & turnover with attractive returns. Thanks to globalization!!

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Home Textile

Advitiya Exim International Trade has the good collection of all type textile, and we make on client request also as per sample we have.
Cushion Covers, Mats, Quilts, Bed sheets, Bandhej, Indian Saree, Pachmina Shawl

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We Importrs innovetive electronics items gadgets ie; electronic component, computer parts, mobile accessories etc.

House Hold

We import household equipments for sale in local market. Being a good domestic market of the household equipments we have a large network of distributors to forward the household goods locally.


We are an importer of waste in India. Our company has a well-established distributors in different cities and has been dealing in these products for the last few years.


We import all kinds of Scrap Material import in India. We have a well established channel of distributors in various cities and running sucessfully since mid 90’s.

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